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After 100 IGFA World Records on Fin-Nor, Miami’s Dennis Triana Wonders What’s Next
by Alan McGuckin

It started with one. A 4 pound 2 ounce Butterfly Peacock Bass caught on 12-pound line near his Miami home. “Once I got my first IGFA line class record, I wanted five, then I wanted 10, then I wanted 25, until finally the goal became 100,” says Dennis Triana.

Triana reached 100, and for his feat, along with the additionally amazing fact that he’s caught an IGFA freshwater record in all 50 states, was recently awarded an IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Eighteen years of effort, an unimaginable number of miles traveled, casts too numerous to wrap our heads around, and four more IGFA records currently pending for Triana, just one brand of reel links them all together. “I’ve been using Fin-Nor for 25 years, I’ve always loved them, they’re just tough, they won’t give up,” says Triana, a 42-year-old firefighter and paramedic.

With a 44 pound grass carp, an 89 cm Pacific sierra mackerel, and an 11 pound 4 ounce sockeye salmon he proudly caught in the company of his wife and two young daughters, Triana’s achievements are admirably diverse, yet when asked what single reel he’d choose if he could only have one – Triana is quick to say a Fin-Nor Inshore spinning reel.

“Most of my records came on 12-pound test or less, and the Fin-Nor Inshore has the extremely smooth drag necessary to handle big fish on light line, plus, it’s lightweight and just plain tough. It’s the only brand I use,” he punctuates.

So what’s next? “I’ve wondered that myself,” admits Triana. “I’ll keep going, I just got two more world records approved and four more are pending. I look at the record book to see what light tackle records are attainable, and that’s what I set my next goal on,” he concludes.