The famous yellow mustard flowers are blooming around the banks at Kentucky Lake this week at the Bassmaster Elite, and that means the bass should be biting.

 Straight-shooting veteran anglers Greg Hackney and Jacob Powroznik preview the event that begins Friday and concludes on Monday near Paris, TN in Henry County.

 Q: Before we dive into this week’s event at Kentucky Lake, let’s flashback to a great Elite Series event at Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees in Oklahoma a few days ago. What’s your best memory from that event?

 Hackney: Watching Kevin VanDam win his 25th tournament on Bassmaster LIVE. Because here’s the deal, I’m not just a pro angler, I’m a huge fan of our sport, and that was pretty amazing to watch.

Powroznik: The second cast of the second day – I caught a 5 pound 10 ounce beast.




Q: Will this tournament at Kentucky Lake be won deeper or shallower than 5-feet of water?

 Hackney: Shallower

Powroznik: Shallower

 Q: We’ve been to Kentucky Lake many times. How is this week’s Kentucky Lake different that recent stops here?

 Hackney: Mostly that we’re here at a totally different time of year. We’ve always been here in post-spawn before. But the weather forecast is a great one, and that’s all you can ask for.

Powroznik: It’s a lot tougher. I’m not getting many bites compared to years past.

 Q: What will the toughest part of this tournament?

 Hackney: Surviving the long grind between bites. But don’t get me wrong – the bass still live here.

Powroznik: Getting five keeper bites a day.

 Q: How much weight will you need to average daily to make the Top 12 cut?

 Hackney: You’d better have 17 or 18 pounds a day.

Powroznik: 14 pounds a day. 


  Alan McGuckin