Smoke™ has been a Quantum sub-brand synonymous with high-level quality for hard-core anglers, and the new series of 15 Smoke rods very much reflect that theme with their HSX64 top-quality Toray™ graphite blanks, Kigan® aluminum oxide guides and Fuj® SK2 reel seats.

 This new series was actually modeled after the same actions that Quantum developed for their highest end rods called “Tour Series” that are only available to their illustrious pro team, and online at

So Smoke makes all the top actions the Quantum pros are using available to everybody, along with tough, weight-reducing features found in their Fuji SK2 reel seats, and Kigan’s high-end guides.

 With nine casting and six spinning, there’s certainly an action for every technique, and at $149 they’re a strong value too. SEE SERIES >