Quantum is confidently calling their new Tour S3 the best baitcasting reel they’ve built in the brand’s 30-year history.

 Engineered with 8 anti-corrosion, 2 speed bearings, and 1 roller bearing, all 11 Performance Tuned bearings are built for both big bass or harsh saltwater conditions, and a sapphire jeweled spool tension washer much like high-dollar watch crystals are made of for a smoother harder surface for the spool shaft to turn against, Tour S3 is indeed a fine piece of machinery for $199.

 While most of the fishing industry focuses on smaller reels with tiny spools, Quantum engineered a larger 35.5 mm spool into a very compact frame on the Tour S3 to provide anglers plenty of line capacity, longer casts, and more inches of line pick-up with every turn of the handle, compared to smaller spooled reels currently cluttering the fishing industry.

 But in order for the oversized spool to cast optimally, furthering engineering was poured into a new ACS 4.0™ cast control that is lighter in weight which minimizes the amount of energy it takes to get the spool spinning on a cast, along with additional brakes that disengage around 5,000 RPM to maximize the distance.

 Even anglers with offensive tackle-sized fingers will be able to enjoy Tour S3’s best-in-the business 16 different external cast control choices on a larger new easier to see and turn external dial.

 All anglers will recognize the much-improved ergonomics achieved on the Tour S3 by a redesigned ‘hood’ to rest your thumb on while gripping the smaller frame featuring a smaller side gear box. Plus, a slightly more elevated thumb bar lessens the distance between the spool and your thumb when ‘feathering’ the spool.

 Left handed anglers will be thrilled to know Tour S3 comes built to their needs, as well as the more popular right handed-model, in two very popular gear ratios of 6.1:1 and 7.3:1.

 The world’s best bass anglers like Gerald Swindle and Greg Hackney will also tell you the oversized 95 carbon fiber handle is a true advantage for never finding your hands out of position on a hook-set, as well a better winch for getting big bass into the boat.

 Plus, this Tour S3 reel handle has line memo indicator on it, so you’re never unsure what pound test line, you last spooled-up with as you pursue trophies in salt and fresh water with the peace-of-mind delivered in an awesome 3-year warranty (when you register your reel within 60 days of purchase).