Bob Bagby and Chris Littau have nearly 50 combined years of service at Quantum. Both are avid anglers with engineering degrees and straight-shooting personalities, and both are calling the new Smoke Series Three “S3” the greatest baiticasting reel platform Quantum has ever built.

That’s a mouthful, especially at a retail price of $169 that won’t choke avid anglers, and frankly, given the 18 Performance Tuned technologies Quantum built into this reel, it’s a very strong value at that price.

 You don’t build a product this exceptional by going with the flow. So while most of the fishing industry focuses on smaller reels with tiny spools, Quantum engineered a larger 35.5 mm spool into a very compact frame to provide anglers plenty of line capacity, longer casts, and more inches of line pick-up with every turn of the handle, compared to smaller spooled reels currently littering the fishing industry.

However spool size becomes somewhat irrelevant without a top-notch braking system, so Quantum performed a tremendous amount of engineering research to develop a new ACS 4.0™ cast control that is lighter in weight which minimizes the amount of energy it takes to get the spool spinning on a cast, along with additional brakes that disengage around 5,000 RPMs to maximize distance.

 The Smoke S3 also breaks new ground with a most ever 16 different cast control choices on a larger new easier to see and turn external dial, even for anglers with beefy fingers.

 And no matter your hand or thumb size, all anglers will recognize the much improved ergonomics achieved on the Smoke S3 by a redesigned ‘hood’ to rest your thumb on while gripping the smaller frame featuring a smaller side gear box. Plus, a slightly more elevated thumb bar lessens the distance between the spool and your thumb when ‘feathering’ the spool.

 The reel handle is oversized too at 95 mm, and contains a line memo dial to help you remember what pound test line you last spooled up with.

 Available in four perfect gear ratios of 5.1:1, 6.1:1, 7.3:1, and 8.1:1, and three left handed models too, this reel promises to become one of fishing’s most popular reels, and it’s backed by an unmatched 3-year warranty so you’ve got peace-of-mind to compliment the confidence in your purchase decision.  SEE SERIES >