Born from the same great cosmetic features that became so popular with the launch of a Vapor baitcasting reel in 2016, the brand new spinning version of Vapor is backed by a 3-year warranty, and built with an all aluminum uni-body construction called Reel Engine Design™ that keeps all the gears and key components in precise alignment for a smoother more durable reel, versus more typical 2-part reels.

 Fans of the Vapor baitcaster will be quick to recognize and appreciate the durable, comfortable, and tactile cork rubber handle as they turn nine Performance Tuned bearings in anticipation of bites backed by rock solid hooksets, thanks to a brand new DuraLock™ clutch that has more rollers than previous clutches.

 Following the hookset, anglers can be confident in Vapor’s patented CSC™ drag system that combines ceramic and  carbon fiber to provide superior smoothness and heat resistance. Plus a newly designed adjustment system makes Vapor’s drag nearly linear.

 Available in sizes 15, 25, 30 and 40, Vapor’s Performance Tuned nickel titanium bail wire is exclusive to Quantum and it won’t bend like the bail wires on competitive spinning reels are prone to. And at a price of just $139, it won’t break you.  SEE SERIES >