Longtime Quantum angler Erik Rue of Lake Charles recently won the $50,000 Yellowfin Elite tournament at Bayou Segnette using Smoke reels, and Rue's victory wasn't without strategic use of Smoke's various gear ratios.

"I prefer the high speed 7.3:1 Smoke series reels for their ultra smooth drag and high retrieve rate when sight casting to redfish. Plus, the high retrieve rate lets you make a second cast when your initial shot is off the mark, which is especially important at close range with moving redfish," explains Rue.

"The faster 7.3:1 Smoke (model SL100HPTA) has also been very reliable for casting lures across shallow grassy areas and when making long casts down windy shorelines where the boat is advancing toward the lure quickly because of the wind," he added.

Speaking of wind, anglers can cast with confidence no matter how hard the gusts with Smoke's new slim line ACS external centrifugal cast control that features 13 various settings.

Rue reached for the slightly slower 6.1:1 Smoke (model SL100SPTA) reel when using spinnerbaits, jigs and weightless swimbaits, because the slightly slower retrieve allowed him to keep those lures slightly deeper in the water column.