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Quantum Smoke PT Speed Freak spinning

December 1, 2015 5:35:22 PM EST

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Choosing the right spool size

December 1, 2015 5:31:47 PM EST

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Fresh or Salt…Choose Your Weapon

October 20, 2015 4:22:24 PM EDT

We are often asked, "can the Quantum reel I bought for freshwater fishing be used in saltwater?" The simple answer is yes.

We engineer every Quantum reel to meet our rigid standards of performance, testing each reel to make sure they perform in any fishing environment – fresh or salt. We do this in our proprietary product development lab, where we subject every product to a battery of environmental conditions, including salt-spray testing, to ensure that they will perform as intended.

All of our PT products are engineered to a greater level of performance than our lower priced models, and if you intend to use your reel mostly in saltwater, we suggest purchasing the highest quality reel that your budget will allow.

When we launched the Performance Tuned line of products more than a decade ago, our engineers dedicated themselves to creating new technologies that made these reels perform at a level unseen in the industry. Many of these innovations are focused on creating products that perform wherever fish are found, in freshwater or saltwater.

To begin with, we created our proprietary SCR™ aluminum alloy that is much more corrosion resistant than ordinary aluminum diecast alloys. Then, we developed our own coating and painting process to protect reels that are specifically designed for saltwater use. This is a process we call SaltGuard II™, a 7-layer finish that will keep even the harshest saltwater environment at bay. We now use this 7-layer process on every PT reel we make, both standard models and those designed specifically for saltwater.

Special stainless steel PT bearings and other corrosion resistant components also keep the inside of a Quantum PT reel performing at its best. Our industry-leading Hot Sauce™ lubrication adds an additional moisture barrier while reducing friction and wear. Our exclusive CSC™ carbon/stainless/ceramic drag systems are capable of putting the hurt on big fish while remaining impervious to corrosion. Our saltwater-specific PT products take it up another notch with an even more corrosion resistant design.

Regardless of where you chose to fish, fresh or salt, rest assured that your Quantum reel was designed to perform. And even though saltwater can have an affect on anything it comes in contact with, you can maximize your reel's performance in saltwater by doing some basic cleaning and maintenance, starting with a freshwater rinse after each use and periodically re-lubricating critical components with Hot Sauce™.

So, if you’re concerned about whether or not you can take your favorite Exo, Smoke or other Quantum reel on your next inshore fishing adventure, don’t be. We’re confident that your reel will be just as happy to land a giant redfish as it is a big largemouth…just make sure to send us a photo when you do!

And as always, our legendary customer service folks are here to help if you ever need us.

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