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Fin-Nor Customer Support

It is the goal of Fin-Nor and W.C. Bradley Co./Zebco Holdings to provide you with the very best customer service possible. However, not all products previously manufactured under the name Fin-Nor will continue to be supported from either a new build or service stand point.

When sending your product to Fin-Nor for service, the following information is required for processing:
1. Provide your Name and Address, Telephone Number, and E-Mail Address
2. Properly package the product so there is no further damage during shipping
3. Insure the package and send it pre-paid to the Authorized Service Center in your area.

All packages should be shipped to one of our Authorized Service Centers in your area. Should a service center not be located in your area, please e-mail our Customer Service department for specific directions on how you can obtain service and/or parts for your Fin-Nor product.

For a list of Fin-Nor Authorized Service Centers, click HERE

To order parts on line, click HERE.


You are important to us both as a past and future Fin-Nor customer. Please do not hesitate to contact Fin-Nor Customer Service with any questions you may have regarding your products. here is our contact information:

E-MAIL: (click here)
PHONE: (toll-free) 800-588-9030
(Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST)
ADDRESS: Fin-Nor Customer Service, 6105 E. Apache, Tulsa, OK 74115


For New-Item Returns Policy, CLICK HERE
For Fin-Nor Shipping Policy, CLICK HERE
For Product Return Form, CLICK HERE

Support programs ARE available on these previously manufactured products (contact Consumer Relations for infomation): FIN-ITE / FIN-ITE II: 23CL - 1012

Warranty and Repair Service IS offered on all Ahab and Inshore reels manufactured by W.C. Bradley Co./Zebco Holdings. If your new Ahab or Inshore reel has a serial number equal to or greater than those listed below [manufactured after July (G) 2006 (6)], full service is available.

Ahab MegaLite
AS08 - G600109 ML2000 - G7 0001-00504
AS12 - G600109 ML2000 - G7 0001-00504
AS16 - G600109 ML2000 - G7 0001-00504
AS20 - G600109

Products no longer supported:
AHAB: 8A, 12A, 16A, 20A, LD12 - LD80-2
PRIMEO: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000
ESTIMA: ES50UL, ES100 - ES600
FIN-ITE: F201 - F304
FIN-NOR LITE: S50UL, S100 - S600
QUESTLITE: QL1000 - QL4000
INSHORE: ISX2000 - ISX6000
STEEL RIVER: SR1000 - SR4000
TYCOON: TYS7-1 through TYS7-4, TYS5-100 through TYS5-400